Calls for Ban On Chinese Ninestar-Pantum Printers in The USA!

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Date: Thursday April 8, 2021 12:46:04 pm | Views: 589
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    Keymaster Calls for Ban On
    Chinese Ninestar-Pantum Printers in The USA!

    China’s Ninestar Pantum Printer Division is Trying to Make its Way Into the U.S. Market. Should be Stopped At All Costs Due To Possible Storing and Transmitting of Sensitive Network Access Credentials and Allowing Execution of Malicious Codes inside Printers.
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    For those of you who are well versed in China’s Ninestar tactic’s, which has included too many counterfeit product lawsuits to mention. Ninestar-Pantum’s printers are trying to make their way into the US markets with the launch of a fleet of desktop printers, with some models having speeds of over 40 PPM+. Considering the long and shady history that Ninestar has had in the toner aftermarket industry for over a decade now, we feel that these Pantum printers pose a security treat to anyone that would consider bringing them into a home or a place of business. There is just too much factual evidence linking Ninestar to the Chinese Government (Bank of China) and too much global evidence of the Chinese Government’s intention to continuously gather information and spy pretty much on anyone that has a smartphone or a computer anywhere around the world. these Pantum printers would guarantee some kind of personal exposure to anyone who would be dumb enough to use them. We don’t need to take an industry survey about this since we are 100% sure that everyone in Europe and the U.S. in our industry would laugh at the thought of trusting these Pantum printers, and that is why we are warning consumers in this article.

    At we are NOT anti-business, in fact we are pro-business and pro human rights in business. There are lot of great and honest companies in our industry that wake up every day and do the right thing, unfortunately Ninestar is not one of them. Just this week an article by Roslyn Layton of found that the state of New York has invested significantly in products made by Chinese state-owned companies, The article notes that Lexmark (owned by Ninestar), which is “state-influenced,” has a “history of security vulnerabilities.” The U.S., DoD’s auditor found that in 2018 DoD employees purchased $32.8 million of products known to include security vulnerabilities. The report highlights that Lexmark printers had been exploited more than 20 times, “including storing and transmitting sensitive network access credentials in plain text and allowing the execution of malicious code in their printers.”

    Now knowing all this information in this article,
    do you still trust Ninestar’s Pantum Printers?

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