TONERNEWS.COM: China is Again Passing Off Counterfeit Ink Cartridges as Remanufactured.

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Date: Monday November 29, 2021 10:57:23 am | Views: 1685
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    In today’s press release, the industry doesn’t have to look very far to figure out where these counterfeit new-built ink cartridges came from.
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    Fearless and unrelenting is how we would describe China’s clone toner and ink industry. Always two steps ahead of the game and with no concerns for any local or federal laws, lying and making shit up is the constant grind behind this non-stop counterfeit industry. has proven over and over the actions coming from this Chinese counterfeit toner cartel and still this bogus industry is cranking out these fake goods in the millions every month.

    For the many who care about being honest players and forthright, the struggles are constant and never ending. With hundreds of industry lawsuits in the books, tens of thousands of amazons’ fake product take downs, the constant and direct go around of Chinese manufacturers of local distributors and resellers, and let’s not forget an unrelenting lack of integrity and honesty that has led us to these confusing times for an industry that’s just trying to promote print HONESTLY. These many sets back will only further’ commitment and dedication. We won’t’ give up, so don’t give up on us either. Follow us and help us root out these bad players and let’s make the industry right again. Please reach out to us at any time if you have important relevant information to, so we can keep the industry informed of these constant changes.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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