Chinese Toner Cloners Produce & Ships 8 to 10 Million Units a Month

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Date: Tuesday May 28, 2019 11:06:12 am
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    Chinese Toner Cloners Produce
    And Ships 8 to 10 Million Units a Month.

    Overproduction is Forcing Chinese Factories To Dump Clone Toner Products At $3.00ea.
    If you look at the World Wide shipping from China, New built-Compatibles Cloned Ink and Toner and  production volume on a monthly run, these are rough estimates coming out of China based on import data and on industry contacts, Chinese Toner Cloners production could even be as high a 10 million units on any given month.
    1. 8 million units per month Worldwide.
    2. America, USA, Canada, Latin America: 3. to 3.5 million units per month 
    4. EU 2.5 to 3 million. 5. Middle East and Russia, over 1 million units per month.
    Tier 1 China factories, 5 million units per month.
    NineStar over 2 million units per month
    UTEC , 1 .5 million units per month
    A.G., 800,000 to 900,000 per month
    Mito, 500,000 per month
    Tier 2
    2 million units 
    Tier 3
    Under 1 million 
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    These huge amounts of product /over production has caused many of the top factories in China to dump clone toner products below $3.00 a unit such are Brother Compatibles TN 450, 660, and Small HP cartridges all of which are now selling for around $3.00ea by cloners.
    Furthermore the Chinese government also subsidizes these factories with export tax rebates of $5,000.00 per container and with low cost labor and free land for Free trade Zones. This money grab over this past decade has caused a recent over production and has also made these companies very rich. Rich enough to sue US news agencies that report on the matter in order to hide these findings. 
    The online SOHO market (Small Office/Home Office) is where the clone toner compatibles have taken a lot of market share away from the OEM's due to low prices resellers on Amazon selling at 80 % below OEM pricing. For example OEM’s are selling high priced Brother toners at $50.00ea and smaller Hp toner at $75.00ea. this is causing the OEM’s to lose Billions of dollars in turnover to China’s Toner Cloner industry each year. 
    For Chinese clone toner factories the fastest way to the market is Direct to consumer (DTC), Amazon controls 51% and Alibaba, And other not as well know ecommerce sites control the rest. In the A4 segment HP and Brother have 70 percent of the install hardware base but do not necessarily have the angle on consumables for these devices.
    China’s clone toner industry is taking away billions from the OEM in sales turnover and profits. Will the OEM’s be able to survive this onslaught? or will China’s overproduction of these Cloned Toners cause their own demise?.
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