Congradulation To Italy's Sapi Srl For Recycling Toner The Past 25 Yrs

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Date: Tuesday September 18, 2018 11:37:13 am
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    Congradulation To Italy's Sapi Srl
    For Recycling Toner The Past 25 Years.
    Sapi Srl celebrates 25 years of activity in recycling toners for laser printers.
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    Sapi started production in September 1993 and since then it  has always evolved and improved over the years. With a constant commitment to research and a careful eye on the evolution of technologies, the company has not only distinguished itself from others due to its quality, but also managed over the years to reach the upper steps of the market; Sapi is now, in fact, among the top ten producers of remanufactured cartridges in Europe.
    The company is guided by a management team with many years of experience in multinational companies; located in Lombardy from the very start, we have tried to make our Italian style a symbol of pride favouring local labour and producing everything in-house, despite the great difficulties of the aftermarket.
    Its success is the result of conscious choice on behalf of the owners, who believe in the need for a healthy, comfortable and rewarding environment to work well in, and who, starting in '93 from a small office and a staff of 3 people, have arrived at the point of having more than 3000 square meters of production area , warehouse and offices and over 40 employees.
    Sapi, from its birth, has set itself the goal of developing a productive activity aimed at achieving economic results , in full respect of environmental protection and consumer satisfaction , offering the possibility of using products with low environmental impact but high quality and less cost than the corresponding OEM product.
    The company, who produce laser printer cartridges from recuperated empties, is aware of having a small but important role in this process and in the “reverse chain”, from the recovery of waste leading to the manufacturing of new products. SAPI is also aware of the importance of adopting a responsible behaviour respecting the environment. 
    Specifically focusing on the  recovery of materials from waste, Sapi is aware of assuming a prominent role in the waste disposal processes of our society and, with a view to reducing the quantities of waste to be disposed of and to reduce environmental impacts associated with the activity, links to this their goal of maximizing production and consequently increasing the amount of recovered materials and thereby contributing to the preservation of natural resources, and thanks to our activities we reuse over 300 truckloads of waste material.

    Via I° Maggio,26 / 20028 San Vittore Olona (MI)
    Tel 0331422853 – Fax 0331424800
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