David Connett To Resign as ETIRA Pres. Over DecaBDE Scandal.

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Date: Monday May 20, 2019 10:12:36 am
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    David Connett To Resign as ETIRA President Over Chinese DecaBDE Toner Scandal.
    Connett Cost ETIRA Credibility To It's Reputation.
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    (Google Translated)
    David Connett will resign from his mandate as president of the European hardcopy remanufacturer association ETIRA (European Toner and Inkjet Remanufacturers Association) at the end of June. Then a new president will be elected at the annual general meeting of the association.
    In explanation, Connett said that after a thorough review, the board concluded that the ETIRA needed to re-position itself in the face of new market challenges. Specifically, they wanted to involve the members more in the association's work and to change the statutes accordingly: In the future, there should be a stronger rotation in the Board, and the term of office of the Board members to be limited to two years – overall, the Board mandates should be limited to four years. In the future, the ETIRA president will only be elected for a one-year term, so that there should be a stronger rotation even in this key position.

    "I fully support these changes and, by resigning as President, clear the way for a reorientation of the ETIRA".

    David Connett had come under heavy criticism over the DecaBDE scandal: Instead of using the topic in order to take a clear stand against the Chinese NBC (Newbuilt Cartridges) manufacturers in terms of the ETIRA members. Connett preferred to stay silent about the issue in order to protect his Chinese advertisers at his other business Therecycler. The China cartridges charged with the banned flame retardant would have been the most powerful weapon that the shabby European Reman industry had ever had in the grueling fight against Asian cheap imports. Connetts attempt to 'sit out' the Paperworld theme, where the waves of scandal hit the highest, has cost ETIRA credibility to it's reputation. In this respect, the reorientation of the recycler association with a new president was the logical consequence of these events.
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