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Date: Tuesday December 11, 2012 09:03:12 am | Views: 1156
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    <font size=4>We have the following Virgin (V) & Non Virgin (NV) empty toner Cartridges. It is a total of 40 pallets that we need to ship ASAP ..<p>
    No reasonable offer will be turned down … GUARANTEED !!!!!!!!!!!!<p>
    Please let me know your offer…<p><blockquote><b><font color=”red”>
    IBM InfoPrint 12 V 320<br>
    IBM InfoPrint 20 V 118<br>
    IBM InfoPrint 20 NV 18<br>
    LEX E120E V 619<br>
    LEX E210 V 653<br>
    LEX E310 V 991<br>
    LEX E310 NV 199<br>
    LEX E320 V 241<br>
    LEX E320 NV 906<br>
    LEX E320 NV 466<br>
    LEX E330 DM V 283<br>
    LEX E350 DM V 2628<br>
    LEX Optra E NV 58<br>
    MIN Pageworks 20 V 494<br>
    MIN Pageworks 20 NV 189<br>
    NEC 870 V 148<br>
    RIC Type 1135 V 42<br>
    RIC Type 150 V 190<br>
    RIC Type 150 NV 4<br>
    RIC Type 30 V 505<br>
    RIC Type 30 NV 120<br>
    RIC Type 70 V 549<br>
    SAM 6800/6900 V 468<br>
    SAM ML1210 V 142<br>
    SAM ML1210 NV 82<br>
    SAM ML4500 V 1093<br>
    SAM ML6060 V 321<br>
    SAM ML6060 NV 48<br>
    XER P1210 V 732<br>
    XER P8e V 441<br>
    XER P8e NV 1<br>
    XER XD100 DM V 2<br>
    XER XD100 DM NV 1<br>
    XER XD100 TN V 104<br>
    XER XD100 TN NV 1<p> </b></font></blockquote>
    Trading Connection, Inc. <br>
    9815 Independence Ave <br>
    Chatsworth, CA 91311 <br>
    Tel: 818-773-5551 <br>
    Fax: 818-773-9077 <br>
    [email protected]<br>

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