How Is Canon & Hp Going To Stop The Epidemic Of Clones On JD/Alibaba?

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Date: Tuesday April 16, 2019 01:24:28 pm
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    How Is Canon & Hp Going To Stop The Epidemic
    Of Chinese Clone Toners On JD & Alibaba?
    Canon Is Making Good Headways On Amazon In The US and Europe, But What About In China On &
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    On Oct 17, 2016, Union Technology International (MCO) Co Ltd (UTec) Signed
    a Strategic Partnership Agreement With Hong Kong Ltd.
    It's no secret that And is the home turf for China's clone toner epidemic, in fact Arnold's Ho's prolific Printrite is the king of Clone Toner on Alibaba and Prinrite launched an agreement back in 2016, and we are pretty sure that they are raking in a fortune cloning Hp Products all over the platform, we heard that they are now grossing around $200 Million a year, some of it coming from dealers but mostly from Alibaba end-users, and what about Ninestar, General Plastic and many other, they are also all over Alibaba as well unopposed. We figure that the Alibaba and the JD platforms are costing Canon & Hp somewhere around $400+ millions a year, that is no chump change!.Image result for a fortune china currency
    How is Canon Going To Fight Back And Get That Huge Revenue Back To Them And Hp?
    We all know that patents don't really mean anything in China and what if Canon again did not properly trademark their IP's correctly all over Asia?, this is a big can of beans for Canon to unravel, their print future is literally at stake. To date we have never seen anything that is news oriented on Canon exposing Chinese clone toner dealers and resellers on Alibaba & 

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