Is It Time To Expose U.S. Distributors Of Chinese Cloned Toners?

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Date: Thursday June 22, 2017 01:00:27 pm
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    Is It Time To Expose U.S. Distributors Of Chinese Cloned Toners?
    How China Clone Toners Are Coming Into The U.S. 
    And Are Bypassing The Country of Origin Requirements (COO) .

    By Sam Matheny, 

    Just like with the U.S. war on drugs, we will never stop the importation and sale of cheaply made clones from China until the U.S. public is educated, and U.S. distributors and resellers stop selling this junk. The public is hooked on cheaply made toner cartridges, and the Chinese, who don’t care about the U.S. market are going to keep on manufacturing and selling clone toners for as long as someone here is willing to pay for them. 

    Cannot Compete With “Made in China” Cloned Toners.
    Personally, I have fought to sell legitimately remanufactured cartridges to almost every U.S. distributor but based on the prices that they pay for “made in China” clone toner cartridges, how could I compete? Even with U.S. manufacturing cartridges in non-China, Asian countries, with first exhaustion compliant cores I couldn’t compete with these costs subsidized Chinese clones and other cartridges with questionably sourced cores. I have all records going back at least ten years with details on pricing levels that these distributors are getting along with 120 to 180 day terms from Chinese companies that make these clone toners and if it comes down to price, we can’t play. 

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    The Favorite Import Method OF  U.S. Shadie China Clone Toner Distributors.
    Furthermore, I have personally witnessed clones coming in the U.S. through several means which bypasses the country of origin (COO) requirements. So regardless of the cartridge being a clone or remanufactured product with a responsibly sourced core, once the master pack with the COO label is opened the cartridges wherein are normally not going to get sold with a “made in China” label. This is the favorite method a lot of the shadier distributors, who sell to U.S. GSA resellers get ridiculously low-priced products into the Federal, State and Local Government bids. They use 100% Chinese cloned toners or reman with illegally sourced cores and mix them in with legit product. I've seen it done and I’ve been told by a few questionable distributors and GSA resellers that this is how they do it.

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    How Can Anyone Expect A Border Agent To 
    Determine if It's A New-Build China Clone Toner Or Not?.

    We know that there's a lot left up to interpretation regarding U.S. Customs training and how to tell if a product is a clone, how can anyone expect a border agent to determine if it's new build or not. Sure, there are Chinese companies who are on the watch list, but companies in the U.S. that import these products use third parties (normally which they own) to act as the importer for these Chinese manufactured products.

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    Chinese Suppliers Never Mention The Empty Toner Cartridge Cores.
    I’ve been approached numerous times in the past by several major Chinese suppliers and offered sales and operational role which I’ve always declined. I never felt comfortable because I could never get the answer that I wanted regarding where all the cores were getting sourced from. I didn’t want to be the last American standing when it all came crashing down and everyone went back to China and left me holding the ball.

    Is It Time To Expose U.S. Distributors Of Chinese Cloned Toners?
    The U.S. and E.U. public is unknowingly hooked on Chinese junk counterfeit cloned toners and there’s more than a few U.S. distributors and resellers knowingly supporting these habits. We can’t fight this war in China – we must educate the end-user and expose those companies in the U.S. that sell illegal clones.

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