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Date: Saturday September 13, 2003 04:35:00 pm | Views: 348
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    Apple Launches new Business Financing Options
    Apple has new Financing options at the Apple Store for Business, including Technology Financing, which offers instant credit decisions for up to $15,000 with a Prime + 4% APR (currently 8.25%), no finance charges when you pay your initial purchase in full by the due date, and low monthly payments (just 2.5% of the outstanding balance).

    Apple’s Commerical Credit allows businesses to acquire the latest IT equipment with “reduced risks associated with owning obsolete equipment.” The lease program offers FMV (fair market value), 10%, or $1 lease options as well as special low-rate lease- financing for the new Power Mac G5–offering a 36- month, 0%, Fair Market Value lease without any down payment.

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