Rumor: Is Sneaky Hp Now Selling Toner Behind The Channels Back?.

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Date: Tuesday March 19, 2019 10:12:23 am
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    Rumor: Is Sneaky Hp
    Now Selling Toner Behind The Channels Back?
    Clones And Reman’s Now In Hp's Crosshairs More Than Ever!
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    Please remember that this is only a Rumor but we have it from credible sources that hp in now peddling it's white box toner cartridges called the "C” Series to the aftermarket industry, these are Hp part # that end with a “C”, apparently the clones and the reman's are taking a serious bite out of the Oem, mix that in with Canon's lose last week at the ITC shows that Hp is trying to angle itself in ways that have never been seen before in the industry and if the rumor is true?, backdooring the channels is obviously going to cause major headaches for the Oem going forward.

    We have also learned that Hp’s Oem toner dealers who been loyal to Hp for decades are the ones being hurt the most by this program because they are still paying full price to this day, all the while Hp is out there offering cut rate “C” series cartridges to current reman and Chinese clone toner buyers in an effort to convert them into new OEM customers, sadly if you've been paying full price for an OEM Hp Toner, you've probably never been offered these reduced price C-series cartridges.
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    Apparently Hp is selling these white box brand new Oem "C” Series toners way below channel wholesale/distribution cost, we are hearing the number is at around 80% below distribution cost in order to compete with the Chinese clones and the reman's, that means the "C" series version of a standard cartridge that wholesales at $100 would be offered for only $20!. This major price drop from Hp is staggering and shows that these are desperate times for print and calls for desperate measures by Hp to save their consumables business. There could also be other reasons for Hp to be doing this such as over manufacturing of certain toners or simply to test market conditions outside the usual channels, obviously consumable channel sales have been dragging to the point where new sales angles need to be looked at and tested by all businesses. 

    But no matter what, the optics of this however doesn't look so good for Hp, the channels with all their high-profile dealers are surely going be mad as hell and totally pissed off, and for an oem the size of Hp to lose channel credibility on that scale could be irreversibly damaging for the brand.
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