The Inside Story Of Turbon AG EU. Acquisition Of Berolina & Recart

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Date: Thursday July 6, 2017 01:59:46 pm
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    The Inside Story Of Turbon AG's 
    Acquisition Of Berolina Schriftbild & Recart Druckerzubehor.

    The German remanufacturer has acquired
    Berolina Schriftbild GmbH & Co.KG and Recart Druckerzubehor GmbH. 

    (This Article Was Translated To English, Please Excuse Us For The Loss In Translation)

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    The acquisitions were made last year in October 2016 and March 2016 respectively, Turbon AG noted that the favourable purchase prices reflect the current market in the remanufacturing industry.

    Turbon AG acquired 51 percent shares in Berolina Schriftbild which is an established provider of MPS in the German and European market and was purchased for 0.2 million ($0.23 million). The remanufacturer also holds 51 percent of shares Druckarchitekten Beteiligungs GmbH which is the company that holds the ownership of Berolina.

    It was noted that Berolina needed a strong partner to implement the necessary restructuring and that in the short term Turbon AG will integrate the production platform into the Turbon Group. The sales office of Berolina in Zossen will continue to operate as usual. Berolina Schriftbild and its subsidiaries contributed 3.1 million ($3.5 million) to Turbon Group sales in 2016.

    Earlier in March 2016 Turbon AG acquired 80 percent of shares of Recart Druckerzubehor GmbH based in Berlin which is a remanufacturer of laser cartridges. Recart Druckerzubehor GmbH owns 100 percent of Sirius Printware GmbH. The production will be integrated into the existing Turbon Group structure. The price paid for the company was 0.3 million ($0.34 million).

    Berolina will continued as a sales company until further notice, the production will be made at Turbon in Romania, the production has been relocating to Romania already step by step during the Last 12 month.

    RECART will be available on 30.9. Closed, Mr. Koca has only 20% of the shares of his company, which are paid / repaid to him, 80% of the shares belong to DESPEC and TIMO Printware …. Turbon intends to secure these distribution channels with the purchase of Recart.
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