The Sellout: Asian Toner Cloner Acquires USA's Katun For $96M.

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Date: Tuesday October 3, 2017 11:05:57 am
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    The Sellout: Asian Toner Cloner Acquires USA's Katun For $96M.
    Shang Fu smashed 2.9 billion acquisition of US channel business Katun.

    (Google Translated To English).
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    Today held a board of directors, the resolution through the subsidiary, hit 96 million US dollars (about NT $ 2.9 billion), the acquisition of the United States Katun Holdings, the world's general manager of science and technology Wang Ruiqi today at the press conference "If you know that we have to invest 100 million in the United States, we should find our chairman to drink coffee," he said.

    On the basis of its 100% share of its subsidiaries, GPIKT DE, INC. And GPIKT (BVI) Co., Ltd., the Company has acquired all the rights and interests of Katun Holdings, LP, Equity units trading contracts, investment case to 96 million US dollars based on the transaction price, will be in accordance with the agreement to adjust the sale of the contract.

    Shang Fu also pointed out that the Board of Directors will also convene an interim shareholders to discuss the investment case, and the blessing of the world will be to the relevant authorities to apply or declare, is expected to be the end of this year to complete the delivery of this investment case.
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    On behalf of the blessing that the investment case of the company Katun was founded in 1979, the Department of the global OEM compatible services, machine supplies and after-sales service market, one of the leading channel manufacturers, its wide range of products, covering photocopiers, India Table machines, fax machines, multi-function machines related to the cassettes and supplies thousands of products such as items. At present, the company has more than 10,000 small and medium-sized channel customers, the market in 123 countries around the world to provide high quality and reasonable prices of products and respect for the original patent research and development principles, to meet the needs of various types of access customers Become a trusted partner.
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    Shangfu Global is established in the Republic of China 67 years, the company's core operations include the brand business machine cartridges and supplies research and development, patent acquisition, production assembly and sales, the main product categories for photocopiers, printers, drums, Related to the cassette and supplies, sales of customers mainly for the global powder factory, regional agents and distributors. Katun is currently the world's largest customer, the investment case will be on the success of the world after the successful introduction of the printer cartridges own brand Cartridge Web, and then further into the photocopier carton industry downstream brands and access, will make Shangfu global business supplies in the service market, occupies a pivotal position. In particular, the printer supplies the same for the blessing of the world and the main products of Katun, the future of the global business in the printer cartoon global market layout and strategic position, will take a great key step.
    On the blessing further pointed out that the next stage of the Group integration, in addition to maintaining the spirit of consistent service customers, continue to strengthen the Group both customer relationship, and customers coexistence and common prosperity, the more important step will be the use and integration of internal resources, such as research and development , Procurement and other resource allocation, effectively shorten the time to market for new products, hoping to produce "synergy." (Lin Weiling / Taipei)
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