Why Europe's Etira & Amazon.com Cannot Be Trusted On Toxic Toners…..

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Date: Tuesday January 8, 2019 11:49:30 am
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    Why Europe's Etira & Amazon.com Cannot
    Be Trusted On Toxic Toners Coming From China.

    By Steven Giannetta.Image result for etira toner

    When it comes to environmental pollution there is something quite toxic currently emanating from China on a pretty much invisible basis which could seriously affect regular people in their own offices and homes. Many consumers unknowingly buy new build toner cartridges from China on Amazon.com without knowing that a staggeringly high proportion of these Chinese new build toner cartridges when tested showed dangerously high levels of DecaBDE. This substance is banned outside China and with good reason. It is a highly toxic flame retardant and is a carcinogenic.

    Amazon.com is The Main Source of These Toxic New Build Toners Coming From China.
    if you are feeling a little smug that you obtain a new much cheaper toner cartridges from Amazon then this news might wipe the smile right off your face. Sadly Amazon.com has been shown to be the main import point for these toxic new build toner cartridges from China.

    What is DecaBDE?
    DecaBDE actually stands for Decabromodiphenyl ether which is a brominated flame retardant sometimes used in very low levels in upholstery production and synthetic carpets. What is worrying about the use of DecaBDE in the toxic new build toner cartridges from China is first off, the quantities and secondly, the wholesale nature of its use. It is becoming clear that this chemical is being consistently used by Chinese companies throughout the toner industry and finding its way into Europe through reputable outlets to a very unsuspecting consumer

    The Many Faces of Europe’s Etira.
    Etira, the European Toner & Inkjet Remanufacturers Association concludes that the use of DecaBDE is endemic across this industry in China. Once the chemical was identified, ETIRA, waded in and have undertaken their own testing. Shockingly, they discovered that high levels of DecaBDE were present in 90% of all new build cartridges they tested from China. It wasn’t just the presence that frightened them but the levels. But since ETIRA left it's principals at the door many years ago and endorsed china’s new built toner and as alternative for remanufacturing, Etira also has since then flooded Amazon in Europe with these highly toxic Toners that are in your home and office right now.

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    What is The Health Risks Associated With DecaBDE?
    DecaBDE is acarcinogenic that has been connected with liver and thyroid problems. There are also potential links with foetal development. The European Union classifies this substance as a POP which stands for Persistent Organic Potent. It is also very difficult to dispose of as it does not degrade so there are serious environmental implications as well. If you are not checking your toner cartridge right now then you should be asap.

    Etira is Playing One Toxic Chinese Manufacturer Against The Other.
    The so called Secretary-General of ETIRA, Vincent van Dijk, has registered his shock and concern in the media. Describing the issue as, “a systemic problem of Asian Newbuilt cartridges” he urged both the EU and national authorities to take immediate action. Spurious claims abound by some Asian manufacturers that their cartridges are both “REACH and RoHS compliant” but this is clearly false, since Etira is really playing one Chinese toner manufacturer against the other since they are taking sides with their new preferred Chinese vendor/manufacturer.

    Bottom Line: Do Not Trust Chinese Toner On Amazon.com.
    Remanufactured toner cartridges are the only way forward if you want to avoid dangerous toxins, Always check the country of origin, don’t just trust the wholesaler or the retailer and for sure do not trust Amazon.com.
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