“Views” On Tonernews.com No Longer Working Right, Chooses Speeds and Security Instead.

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Date: Tuesday October 10, 2023 03:20:21 pm
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    On and around late May 2023, Tonernews.com the site was upgraded with all kinds of security updates due to the constant issues that have arisen over the past 2 decades with the web. The site went through rigorous testing and the database now supporting over 44,000+ articles, was also updates to prevent any new issues such as ransomware, hacking, and all kinds of global treats.

    Some older links still work well, all newer links from April 2023 to now, not so good.
    Due to our very large database of articles the site started to slow down big time, frustrating us internally and our fans alike. We decided to ad WordPress rocket to the site and since then it’s become super-fast and way more efficient. We recommend anyone with a WordPress site with a huge database to also ad WordPress rocket to speed things up. Now due to the new speedy site the VIEWS are no longer working properly, we tried everything to get the views right including new apps but it’s proving to be challenging and frustrating, the site is now too fast to count the views properly. In the past global treats were added to the view count, now hopefully they have been removed and the site is cleaner, faster and way more precise. We’d like to advise our advertisers if they need analytics from any of their ads, we can provide them with the exact views per our internal google analytics for future reference.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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