Who Really Support US Toner Recycling and Remanufacturing, You’ll be Surprised To Find Out the Truth!

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Date: Saturday December 2, 2023 03:10:33 pm
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    A couple of weeks ago Tonernews.com sent out an industry call to contact the DHS and notify them NOT to make a deal with China’s Ninestar before the December 4th deadline since we don’t want their slave labor toner business here in the US. We contact most news agencies and some trade associations to run our story and inform the public to show some support for toner recycling and remanufacturing, sadly all and even well know Reman supporters were also a no-show.

    To star we contacted pro OEM, Enxmag.com, Theimagingchannel.com and Industryanalysts.com, knowing very well that they would NOT run our requested story, but nevertheless it was worth a shot. then we also contacted Bta.org and the I-itc.org ran by the famous reman toner advocate Tricia Judge thinking that at least Tricia would join our request but sadly to date she has NOT, I’m sure however that if we had offered her $500 she would probably stand behind our request. Then there’s everyone favorite industry talks show host Ray Stasieczko, from ‘The End Of The Day With Ray’. Who we thought would surely mention the plight of our quest in one of his many videos since he’s a stark opponent of China’s Ninestar and is well known americano, but to date, NO statement from famous Ray about helping Tonernews.com and its advertisers in keeping the ban vs. Ninestar in place.

    Sadly, this only leaves Tonernews.com and the US Gov. as the only sources that address and take on challenging industry events, everyone else talks a good game, acts like they really care, but the bottom line is that Enxmag.com, Theimagingchannel.com, industryanalysts.com, Bta.org, I-itc.org and Ray Stasieczko, don’t care about Toner recycling and remanufacturing at all. Next time you think about supporting or advertising with these companies, remember that they don’t give a rat’s ass about the real toner recycling and remanufacturing industry and that it’s all just another talking point for them. It’s a good thing that the US Gov stands with honest US toner recyclers and remanufacturers. Tonernews.com and its advertisers and very grateful for this support, since a lot of time and support is being spend by our US Gov, in keeping China’s Ninestar at bay.

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