Why is Tonernews.com Banned in China.

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Date: Tuesday January 30, 2024 05:06:37 pm
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    Why is Tonernews.com Banned in China.
    Tonernews.com is a website that covers news and analysis on the printer and imaging industry, especially the toner cartridge market. It is banned in China because it has published articles that are critical of the Chinese government and some Chinese companies, such as Ninestar, over issues such as human rights violations, patent infringement, and environmental pollution.

    The Chinese government blocks websites that it considers
    to be harmful to its national security, social stability, or public morality.
    Tonernews.com has also been vocal about the U.S. ban on imports from Ninestar and other Chinese firms over their alleged involvement in forced labor practices in the Xinjiang region, where most Uyghurs live. Tonernews.com claims that it is exposing the truth and defending the interests of the U.S. reman toner industry.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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