Why Tonernews.com and the Movie, ‘The Sound of Freedom’, Go Hand-in-Hand in Combating Slavery.

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Date: Saturday July 15, 2023 03:04:45 pm
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    One movie made 5 years ago inspires countries and a movement against slavery around the globe.
    5 years ago, is also when Tonernews.com started its quest Vs. the Illegal overproduction of Chinese clone toner. Unbeknown to us, these two movements would follow up in 2023 at around the same time, in a fight for the freedom of children and slavery around the world.

    Click photo to see trailer

    There are 40.3 million slaves in the world right now.
    ‘The Sound of Freedom’ movie has become the inspiration to stamp out the thousands of years old concept of slavery. Because of this movie, governments around the world will now use their police forces for good and try to eradicate these inhumane crimes. Our industry took a radical left turn back in 2017 when the Chinese went big-time into the overproduction of clone toner, that’s also right around the same time of reports of Uyghurs being incarcerated in mass Chinese detention camps. Regardless of that, everyone in the West including most OEMs started to embrace these cheap and toxic goods. It was a successful play by the Chinese gov. until June 2023, when the US Gov. banned the largest Chinese toner and printer manufacturers in the world for what we at Tonernews.com consider as, ‘crimes against humanity.’

    There are more slaves today than any other time in human history.
    These are real slaves under the harshest definitions: people forced to work under threat of violence, without pay and unable to walk away. They are trapped in brothels, factories, mines, farm fields, and restaurants. More than half are women and children. ‘The Sound of Freedom’ movie and Tonernews.com both embraces the movement’s freedom for all people, especially for those who cannot breathe the air freely and are bound somewhere. This fight will take time, but for now we should all seek to abolishing slavery in our lifetimes by empowering adults and law enforcement to use the legal system to fight slave owners and to free these people by restoring their hope and dignity as human beings.

    Sound of Freedom' Ranks No. 1 Movie in America: 'Truly Awe-Inspiring' | CBN NewsClick photo to see trailer.

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