Why Xerox Should Partner With U.S. Laser Toner Remanufacturers for Their ‘Everyday Toner Line’ Instead of China.

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Date: Wednesday June 29, 2022 12:40:21 pm | Views: 1250
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    Two things Xerox should do right now to strengthen their market position which would also increase profits and strengthen customer relationships while reducing their environmental Impact. These bold moves would also bring US manufacturing jobs back.

    By Tonernews.com

    Xerox Everyday toner is a great brand and in the early days was primarily a high quality super green USA remanufactured product however in the face of shrinking print volumes and pricing pressure most of this product is now imported Chinese new compatible toner product which has a much higher carbon footprint than the OEM and significantly higher than Remanufactured products. Xerox should partner with a few of the high-quality USA laser toner remanufacturers to produce their Everyday toner line here in the US instead of China. This would once again give them the highest quality products available and help Xerox align with their own environmental goals.

    Xerox statesAt Xerox, sustainability is our way of doing business.  We align our goals for the environment, health and safety in six key areas to make a worldwide impact. We strive to maintain the highest standards for preserving our environment and enhancing the health and safety of our employees and communities.”

    If the above statement is true? then Xerox should do what’s right and send business back to high-quality
    USA toner remanufacturers to help reduce their costs, lead times and environmental impact.

    Xerox through their direct service provider companies that operate under the XBS brand consists of dozens of once local copiers and MPS companies covering the entire country. In 2019 XBS signed a deal to replace the HP remanufactured products they were using with HP generic white box OEM product. This decision resulted in the gutting of the US laser toner remanufacturing business by moving $500-700 million annually from small businesses to HP. This move led to the eventual demise of a couple of the largest US manufacturers like LMI while simultaneously fueling their main competitor HP with profits. This may have made some sense when HP & Xerox were talking about a merger but now that is off the table it makes no sense for Xerox to send profits and business to HP. 

    Both of these bold moves could be made easily and result in many positive improvements for Xerox and their customers environmental impact and the bottom line.


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