Xerox Financial Services Sues CORE DC for Breach of Contract Over $36,975.60 Monthly Payments.

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Date: Wednesday February 14, 2024 03:58:54 pm
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    Xerox Financial Services Sues CORE DC
    for Breach of Contract Over $36,975.60 Monthly Payments.

    Xerox Financial Services, LLC, a company that provides leasing and financing solutions for Xerox equipment and services, has filed a lawsuit against CORE DC, LLC, a data center operator based in Washington, DC. The lawsuit, which was filed on February 12, 2024, in the US District Court for the District of Maryland, alleges that CORE DC breached a contract with Xerox Financial Services by failing to pay the monthly lease payments for several Xerox devices and software that were installed at CORE DC’s data center.
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    According to the complaint, Xerox Financial Services and CORE DC entered into a master lease agreement in June 2021, under which Xerox Financial Services agreed to lease to CORE DC various Xerox products, including copiers, printers, scanners, servers, and software. The lease agreement also required CORE DC to pay Xerox Financial Services a monthly lease payment of $36,975.60, plus applicable taxes and fees, for a term of 60 months.

    However, the complaint claims that CORE DC stopped making the lease payments after October 2023, and has since accumulated an outstanding balance of $221,853.60, plus interest, late fees, and other charges. The complaint further alleges that CORE DC refused to return the leased equipment to Xerox Financial Services, despite repeated demands and notices of default.

    Xerox Financial Services is seeking to recover the unpaid lease payments, the fair market value of the leased equipment, the costs of repossessing and remarketing the equipment, and the attorney’s fees and expenses incurred in enforcing the lease agreement. The complaint also requests a declaratory judgment that Xerox Financial Services is entitled to terminate the lease agreement and repossess the equipment, and that CORE DC has no right, title, or interest in the equipment.

    The case is assigned to Judge Timothy J Sullivan and has been given the case number 8:2024cv00412. The web page from Justia Dockets & Filings1 provides access to the original court documents and related information.

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