Xerox in Trouble with Bridge Loan?

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Date: Monday November 13, 2023 06:54:25 pm | Views: 203
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    Jeffries and Citi Still Cannot Offload this Debt as of this Post!
    Xerox loaded up on debt- the bridge loan .. and despite 2 weeks plus of trying to find another buyer of the leveraged debt deal.. now what?
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    Clearly Xerox cannot afford the ballon bridge loan long term.. and all it’s other debt has been downgraded big time (to ba3-3 notches below junk)

    Who is the first seller to get out? Darwin Deason, Blackrock, Vanguard , or the divvy retirees.. or all of the above.

    Citi and Jeffries want out of the bridge loan, and will likely find a short play to hedge their foolish bet. XRX can’t unload the bridge debt to any lender- and if we get a overall correction/sell-off I predict only bad scenarios the new lender might mandate to x aka cut the divvy, which is the only,, repeat only reason anyone owns this pathetic company!

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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