Your Chinese Toner Was Never Remanufactured or TAA compliant, Are You Being Defrauded?

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Date: Monday June 12, 2023 03:31:37 pm
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    There is an 80% chance that you are being defrauded if you are buying TAA compliant remanufactured toner cartridges!  New laws and regulations are coming that may force you to find out. If you are a consumer, business, distributor, or public agency that would like help in determining if you are being defrauded our company will send an expert to your location to investigate and provide evidence with supporting documentation in the case that fraud is determined.  You are entitled to receive the products that you have specified!

    We aim to stop the fraud being committed, primarily by distributors supported by Chinese manufacturing that affects every US taxpayer. Currently there are over $2 billion dollars of tax supported ink and toner cartridges being bought by local, federal, and state cities, municipalities, education departments, etc. where the product specification calls for TAA compliance and sustainable remanufactured products. Thus, all Chinese products are out of compliance. However, these manufacturers will go so far as to commit fraud by supplying letters to consumers and distributors stating that their products meet the bid specifications and legal requirements for tax supported entities, knowing full well that they do not. On Friday June 9th the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) placed a ban on products coming into the US from Ninestar the largest Chinese manufacturer of these fraudulent single use landfill bound new compatible toner cartridges. It goes into effect today, June 12th.

    The remanufacturing industry is simple in theory and brilliant in its impact on creating local jobs and creating environmentally superior closed loop local manufacturing eco systems. OEM Toner and ink cartridges like Canon, HP, Xerox, Lexmark, etc. are used at a local level, instead of the empty cartridges going into a landfill or back to the manufacturer to be dissembled and broken down where only a small percentage of the materials are reused, local collection companies or remanufactures pick up the empties for remanufacturing. They reuse 96% of the original cartridge itself. In most cases these cartridges can be remanufactured multiple times creating local jobs as well as an incredibly beneficial closed loop system. 8 years ago, Chinese manufacturing companies targeted the industry because of its size and profitability. They build from scratch and create single-use, virgin, clone cartridges, many of which are patent infringing and or made of banned and dangerous materials including Deca-PCB’s.  All these foreign clone cartridges are unmanufacturable and incredibly bad for the environment! 100% end up in US landfills, however they are cheap and with the rise of online platforms like Amazon they quickly carved billions out of domestic manufacturing. While the need for cost savings is clear, in this case it comes at a high price to all of us and our environment!  We need a balance that includes domestic production and manufacturing.  Consider the many shortages we suffered during Covid.  By the time we realized that many of the items we rely on were not being produced domestically anymore, we were already completely reliant on manufacturing in China and had lost our self-sufficiency.

    A few years ago, we wrote a business plan aimed at saving the domestic multi-billion-dollar toner and ink remanufacturing industry from extinction. For nearly three decades this industry was made up of nearly 1000 small to medium-sized businesses spanning the entire country.   We are taking aim at the fraud being committed by Chinese manufacturers and companies that distribute their product.

    Contact us, we can help you to stop the fraud!
    Ryan Van Quill / CEO TSI & IPW / Cell: 206-226-1535

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