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Huge Win for Aftermarket!: Judge Rules UII MS/MX Toner Chips Do Not Infringe Lexmark Patents!

UII is extremely pleased with the judge’s order. The judge ruled that the Arwen chips […]

China’s Ninestar Claims Public Interest Favor Lifting Ban, Begs Courts To Let Them Back Into the US. (Free download) PDF

The Equities And Public Interest Favor Injunctive Relief Claims Ninestar. Excerpt: As explained in Ninestar’s […]

Ninestar Ban: Dealers Chart Supplies Concerns and Strategies in Relation to MPS.

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LD Products Launches Warehouse Clearout: Knocks-Off 22% On Chinese Clone Toner Cartridges.


New Massive 169 Page Lawsuit Vs. Staples. (See it for free) PDF

Click here or photo to download the latest lawsuit! Advanced Transactions, LLC v. Staples, Inc. […]

NY State Bill Would Require Background Checks to Buy a 3D Printer.


Free Downloadable Marketing for Dealers from Clover Imaging!


Ricoh Asia Pacific Announce Partnership with LinkedIn.


Amid Hamas Devastation, Israel Reopens Local Kibbutz Printing Factory.


California’s ‘Right to Repair’ Bill is Now California’s NEW ‘Right to Repair’ Law!

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HP Sued After Exploding Laptop Burns Through UK Hospital Lab.

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U.S. Gov: Information Designated as ‘Confidential’ Cannot be Shared with China’s Ninestar! (Free download)

Here’s the Latest from Ninestar Vs. US Gov for Expedited Motion to Amend the Schedule. […]

I’m a Product Manager at HP in Israel and Volunteer as a Border Police, This Week Has Been …..

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Canon Begins Selling Chip Machines That Rival World’s Best!


The Toner Supplies Industry Mourns the Passing of ‘Funny Man’ Gene Fontana.

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Small Town in France in the Red Because of 600,000 Euro’s in Copier Lease Contracts.

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VIDEO: Microsoft Gets $28.9 Billion Tax-Payment Notice From IRS, Company Shocked!!!


Planet Ark Toner Recycler: Positive Environmental News for October 2023.

1 Says Industry Labor Shortages Are The New Normal.

They’re calling it the “Forever Labor Shortage” and it’s here to stay. Why? Demographics. In […]

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