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Ninestar Partners: Unielectronics Ltd and G&Z Trading-Printing Pleasure, Fined for Environmental Rule Breach.

Two Solihull companies make charity payments for their recycling failure. Enforcement Undertaking accepted to address […]

US States Reconsider $230M Contract On Restricted Lexmark Products due to Connections to Chinese Cyberespionage and ….

The sight of a Chinese balloon violating American airspace three weeks ago angered and concerned […]

UK’s CTS Claims it Can indemnify Your Chinese Toners With IP Laws and Designs.

How Many HP Staff Does it Take to Pay for One CEO? (271 Employees)

XL Batteries Raises $10M in Seed-2 Funding Thanks to Xerox.

Watch: Elon Musk Moves into former HP Headquarters. (Video)

HP Just Celebrated its 40-Year Anniversary in China, Sees Long-Term Benefits …..

Amazon and Brother Shut Down International Counterfeit Toner Ring in Europe.

Amazon continues to take down bad actors wherever they operate with the company’s first joint […]

Go Green and Save Money with Refurbished OEM Printers From Clover Imaging!

Printing is an essential aspect of many businesses, but it can be expensive and detrimental […]

HP: China Ninestar-Apex Chips Now Linked to ALL Counterfeit Toners Products Around the World.

Two extensive reports commissioned by HP Inc. now verify that Ninestar-Apex (Geehy) chips are the […]

China No Longer Viable as World’s Factory, Says Kyocera.

The president of a major producer in the chip supply chain thinks companies will soon […]

USA’s Raven Industries Launches New Sharp BP-NT70/BP-GT70 Toner.

Click photo to see product release or click here for product flyer! Raven-Toner-for-Sharp-BP70-flyer-02 20 2023

Toshiba COO Dumped Over Inappropriate use of Company Funds. (Entertainment scandal)

Canon Launches Security Website for Gathering Info on Product and Service Vulnerabilities. (watch out China)

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HP Inc. to Lay Off 100 Employees in Israel.

What Is the Future of Used-Spent Toner?

China Labor Abuser HYB Releases Non-OEM-Authorized Konica Minolta Toner Products.

Planet Ark Toner Recycler: NEW Positive Headlines from Around the World.

HP 64xl: Ninestar’s InkTank AGAIN Caught Lying About Making REAL Reman HP Inks. (Makes 10 Million Clones a Month).

Ninestar claimed in its Rotten Potato webinar with RTMedia that they collect 750,000 + empty […]

Tired of Fake Chinese Toner and Ink in Europe? Here’s How to File a Complaint with the EU Union. (Feb 20 Deadline)

Click photo to file a complaint!

Canon Aids Relief Effort Following Earthquakes in the Republic of Turkey and the Syrian Arab Republic.

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