2019 The Year That Shocked The Toner Consumables Industry To Its Core!

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Date: Saturday January 4, 2020 12:28:08 pm | Views: 850
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    2019 The Year That Shocked The Toner Consumables Industry To Its Core!
    Tonernews.com favorite story of 2019 is below….
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    Where should we begin? from a news point of view it’s been quite entertaining, fascinating, and shocking on a weekly bases, the headlines are constant and it’s never a dull moment since the start of 2019,  we’re all this goes next is surely to leave many in the industry in a precarious position. Only the strong will survive in 2020 and if there ever was a time for reinventing oneself or business, now is the time to do it.

    The most constant news we would say is the Amazon take downs by Canon that now happen almost on a weekly basis, these constant take downs of infringing toner products coming from China has sent many in the industry to regroup and to refocus their perspective of these products, and we expect more Amazon take downs to continue for years to come. Then we would say the constant OEM lawsuits Vs the manufacturers, re-sellers and distributors of Chinese Clone toners, there has been so many lawsuits over the years, but 2019 was different since the OEM’s have been way more aggressive in challenging the status-quo that the Chinese toner cloners have established over the past decade.

    In No Particular Order, Here are the Biggest Headlines of 2019.
    The fall of LMI, the regrouping of Clover Imaging with Northwest Equity Partners, The Brother industry lawsuits, the buy-in of Carl Icahn into Xerox and then the attempt by Xerox  to join or purchase Hp, the walk away of Hp’s CEO in October, the attempt by Hp to grab re-sellers and distributors away from remanufacturer’s and Chinese clone toner dealers with white box product, the Trump trade war that is still lingering on, the anonymous article that Chinese toner manufacturers release 8 to 10 million clone toners around the globe a month, the fact that Chinese clone toner is encumbered With DECABDE poison, the move-out from China from OEM printer manufacturers due to the Trump trade war,  crimes by individuals for stealing toner for resale online skyrocketing in 2019, Sneaky Hp selling toner behind the channels back, Tonernews.com being sued because of competitor action-intell’s instigation over an anonymous tip, Canon loses first round of lawsuit Vs. Chinese toner cloner manufacturers, Hp loses court ruling in the Netherlands, Chinese toner cloner manufacturer has clone toner for sale for Hp printer before channels do, the Chinese Gov. again shows It hands In the industry with Hubei Dinglong/Mito Buy-out of 3 Major Shareholder for $ 34,000,000.00+, Japan’s Canon partners With 1000 Cartridge-World locations, Clover purchase business assets Of LMI Solutions, China toner-cloner Ninestar-Pantum wins contract to Supply 6,000+ printers to schools in India, Fuji film takes control of Fuji Xerox From USA’s Xerox Corp. for $2B., Tech Data sold to private equity firm For $5.4Bln,  African counterfeit toner cartridge ring dismantled, Blackford Capital completes investment into Cartridge World, and finally the false news release that high grade Chinese clone toners are as good as reman’s or OEM’s, these are by far the biggest stories of 2019.

    Tonernews.com favorite story of 2019 is,
    The Last Unknown Toner Remanufacturer In The World.
    In 2019, Tonernews.com release around 1,000 articles, by far more than any other toner consumables news agency. 2020 will probably not disappoint as far as news goes, we expect more of the same and harder times ahead for the industry, as usual we will bring you the latest greatest breaking news so you can make the right decisions for your business. Happy new year and good luck in 2020. 😊
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