China’s Overproduction of Clone Toner is Unsustainable in These Unprecedented Times.

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Date: Tuesday June 2, 2020 11:12:45 am
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    China’s Overproduction of Clone Toner
    is Unsustainable in These Unprecedented Times.
    Overproduction and Geo-Political Issues In the Age Of Covid-19 is Forcing Many Toner Cloners To Go Out Of Business.
    By on 06 02 2020.

    Recently there has been a flow of clone toner manufacturers shut downs and consolidations coming from Asia’s industry due in most part to overproduction. When Asian cloners are manufacturing 8-10 Million fake toners a month this process is bound to catch up with them and now it has! The top 2 cloner dogs, Ninestar and Printrite are trying their best to put a positive spin on their new products but they keep forgetting one thing…. the OEM’s stopped releasing new printers this year! This is not all due to “the Clones” but a lot of it is. When Ninestar/Apex has the chip along with Printrite’s toner last year for Hp’s new Neverstop Printer for sale online one month after Hp’s release and even before hp’s channels did, surely this will make any OEM reconsider its manufacturing process and it has.

    Few Releases of New Printers by the OEM’s This Year = No New Toners.
    Usually around February and March of every year all the OEM’s release a fleet of new printers, this year to date a few releases where seen by most OEM’s?  mix that in with Canon’s lawsuit and Hp’s internal struggles and you have once again an industry looking for answers? The Chinese clone toner industry keeps forgetting that the industry was naturally designed to only handle what OEM’s release and that the empty OEM toners that are generated by those printers is really about it for the industry, but the Chinese toner cloners never really cared or focus on that, they flooded every continent around the world with clones and though everything was OK? but now it has all caught up to them “and thanks for the Pandemic by the way”!

    Chinese Clone Toner is Still a Counterfeit Product.
    With $3B+ in Sales, Ninestar that is ran by the actual Chinese Communist Party is by far the biggest toner counterfeiter in the world, followed by their close friends and allies at Printrite, Hubei Dinglong, General Plastic and others, and although they keep trying to put a positive spin on these fake products, the bottom line is that these toners are overproduced and are still counterfeit goods, even if they pay Charlie from Action-intell $3K+ to write a bogus white paper to legitimize their goods, it’s still counterfeit crap no way around it, so why buy it?

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    Overproduction Text Stock Illustrations – 16 Overproduction Text ...

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