COUNTERFEIT: The Two Faces of Chinese Toner Cloner Manufacturers.

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Date: Wednesday November 3, 2021 07:55:58 am | Views: 563
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    The Two Faces of Chinese Toner Cloner Manufacturers.
    AS prolific Ninestar celebrates another fantastic 3Q earnings, one must not forget that Ninestar and most other toner cloner manufacturers also run unknown straight-up counterfeit toner operations on the side.
    Counterfeit Goods - Why Should You Care? - KLO LAWTANK Blog

    The headlines are basically never ending, hundreds of Millions$ won by China to Hundreds of Millions lost by honest OEMs in the print industry. The good news is that people are still printing enough to make our industry relevant, the bad news is that a prolific Chinese toner cartel ran by, Ninestar, Printrite, Hubei Dingdong (Mito), Aster Graphics, General Plastics and many others are ranking in fortunes for being high class counterfeiters. At we have written about this so many times that our fingers hurt from typing about it. It’s really a sad situation that people in a foreign land can hid and get away with counterfeiting globally, and that few care to know or do anything about it.

    There is no fine line between being an honest Chinese toner cloner and a straight up counterfeiter in China, it’s all in a days’ work. At we have documented many times for example, that the prolific Printrite runs a toner cloner manufacturing factories with non-OEM IP called “Prime Success”, and so do all the other Chinese toner cloners. These counterfeit toners are sold all over the world by companies that either don’t’ know about IP’s or who’s countries don’t even have legal laws to defend IP’s. The Chinese toner cartel knows very well who these countries are, so they basically dump millions of dollars worth of these cheap and toxic toners there, sit back, cash-in and hide waiting for the OEM’s to finally figure it out. In most cases by the time the OEM’s do figure it out, it’s already too late. By the time court hearings come to town the local Chinese toner bosses have already left that country and left the liability on to the local resellers that took a chance on these counterfeit goods, and once again it’s all in a day’s work for this Chinese counterfeit industry.

    In Europe ETIRA tries to angle anyway they can the pros of remanufacturing toner but most of it goes to def ears since ETIRA is not being taken serious enough by the European union to have an impact on the industry. In the US it’s about cash flow baby, so when A.G. dumps (overproduction) Brother clone toner to the industry for $2ea, everyone jumps on these fakes, since everyone knows that the OEMs are always years late and many dollars short to defend their IPs in a timely manner. 

    Thank goodness that there are still enough honest recyclers and remanufacturers to fight the good fight, and even though the Chinese are constant two face counterfeiters, OEMs like HP, Canon, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, and others are still relevant with decent earning, even through these challeging pandemic times.

    Counterfeit Goods - Why Should You Care? - KLO LAWTANK Blog

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