How and Others Helped HP Inc. Go After Exiled Chinese Toner and Ink Scammers.

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Date: Wednesday January 25, 2023 04:14:12 pm
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    Keymaster was the first industry news organization to take on China’s clone-counterfeit toner and ink industry back in 2017. Since our inception back in the 90’s we have always backed our industries under dogs. To date we still take on the OEM’s and have not stopped addressing the elephant in the room that being the Chinese clone toner and ink cartel. We called out to David Gibbons last fall during the Chinese REMAX trade show to clean up the industry, and we continue to expose unfair trade practices by a Chinese cartel that’s hiding in plain sights. is in constant contact with HP.
    We have been in contact with HP direct for many years now and are honestly surprised by this current HP lawsuit since our last contact with HP, when we were told by HP that they rather stay out of ‘negative news’ then do anything about this. It took a lot of work and research to forward HP
    proof of these on-going scams before they woke up and are now finally involved in protecting their toner and ink brand, kind of late in the games but we remain hopeful that these scams will eventually disappear one day with their help.


    This lawsuit is about going after Amazon and similar platforms.
    This lawsuit is not to about going after 11 Exiled Chinese toner and Ink scammers but about going after Amazon and similar platforms to stop these clowns from doing so. Amazon know this all too well, so it keeps its eyes closed until State and local Governments start to pressure them, and then they drag it out a little longer until in the end they finally must do something about it. Not to be outdone, China’s toner and ink cartel will surely find a new way to scam consumers with more fake toner and ink goods, they always do. It’s a constant never ending battle and will always be there for the industries remanufacturers.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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