HP Discontinues HP+ and Instant Ink for Laser Printers.

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Date: Tuesday July 2, 2024 03:36:51 pm
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    HP Discontinues HP+ and Instant Ink for Laser Printers.
    HP has recently made the decision to discontinue its HP+ program for LaserJet printers, marking a significant shift in its product strategy. Introduced just over three years ago, HP+ was aimed at enhancing customer loyalty through a mandatory registration process and an obligation to use only original toner cartridges. This initiative, however, faced criticism for its stringent requirements, particularly in the realm of laser printers.

    Changes to HP+ for Laser Printers
    Unlike their inkjet counterparts, HP+ for LaserJet printers mandated a permanent online connection and registration during setup. Models designated with an “e” at the end of their names were exclusively subject to these requirements, effectively restricting offline usage and third-party toner options. This approach, while offering benefits such as extended warranties and cloud printing capabilities, posed challenges for users in environments where online connectivity was restricted, or security concerns were paramount.

    Discontinuation of HP+ and Instant Ink for Laser Printers
    In response to customer feedback and operational challenges, HP has decided to discontinue HP+ for all LaserJet printers, including models like the LaserJet Pro MFP 4102fdwe and others under the HP+ umbrella. As a result, these models are gradually disappearing from the market, with limited availability observed in recent weeks. Standard LaserJet models without the “e” suffix, which do not require online registration, remain unaffected and continue to be available.

    Impact on Instant Ink for Laser Printers
    Simultaneously, HP has also ceased offering the Instant Ink toner subscription service for laser printers. This subscription, known for its convenience in delivering toner refills based on usage needs, will no longer be available to new customers starting this year. Existing subscribers will not be affected and can continue to utilize the service as before.

    Recommended Actions for Consumers
    For current users of HP+ and Instant Ink for inkjet printers, there are no changes to their service or subscription models. However, potential new subscribers are advised to carefully evaluate their options, considering factors like cost-effectiveness and compatibility with their printing needs.

    For those considering an inkjet printer with Instant Ink, it remains a viable option and is recommended by experts for its flexibility and value, especially for users with varying printing volumes. In conclusion, while HP’s decision to discontinue HP+ and Instant Ink for laser printers marks a shift in strategy, it reflects the company’s ongoing efforts to adapt to customer preferences and operational realities in the printing market. As technology evolves, HP continues to innovate with new solutions to meet the diverse needs of its consumer and business clientele.

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