Katun EMEA to Launch Refillable “ecoKAP” Toner That Can Apparently be Reused Up to 3 Times.

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Date: Wednesday May 10, 2023 02:03:42 pm | Views: 202
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    High Recycled Content: Katun Launches New Line of Sustainable Hardcopy Supplies. With its “ecoKAP” toners, Katun, one of the world’s leading providers of compatible hardcopy supplies, is launching an environmentally friendly cartridge series on the market that is characterized above all by the high proportion of recycled materials.

    The new cartridges are exclusive to Katun and offer reseller partners an environmentally friendly alternative. The toner cartridge uses a patent-pending closure that makes refilling easier and makes the cartridge truly reusable. The cartridges available for the Kyocera “TaskAlfa 2554ci” and “3554ci” series and for the Utax “2508ci” and “3508ci” series are currently made from more than 60 percent recycled plastic. However, the proportion of recycled plastic is to be increased further in the future. Katun also intends to expand the portfolio to other brands and models. Katun EMEA will also introduce refillable “ecoKAP” toner cartridges that can be refilled up to three times without sacrificing quality and functionality.

    “We are very excited to introduce a truly eco-friendly product that will also be part of the growing range of eco-certified products,” said Heidi Boller, general manager at Katun EMEA. Collection Partner Services was readily accepted for recycling. Katun is very proud to be taking concrete steps to reduce the environmental impact of the industry with the launch of its own branded circular economy product.”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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