RUMOR: China’s Ninestar Trying to Sell Lexmark Corporation? Launches a New Chip Business Called Geehy Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

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Date: Sunday September 4, 2022 03:07:58 pm
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    Keymaster  ‘Very Skeptical’ About Ninestar Net Profit Grows 102.49% in H1, 2022? Strange things are coming out of Ninestar these past months, Rumor of selling Lexmark and a new automotive chip company.

    Building Trust in a Skeptical Marketing World - Carabiner

    Progress has a way of showing its hand and China’s Ninestar has laid out ambitious plans to branch out into a new industrial automotive chip industry and is maybe also looking to get out of owning Lexmark? The Lexmark rumor is only a rumor that we got from a reliable source, no new info on that is available but we encourage you to do own research and find out if it’s in the pipeline. Out of the blue Ninestar is apparently showing SUPER high earnings and promoting Lexmark like it’s the goose that’s laid the golden egg. However, their long history of dishonesty and counterfeiting cannot evade their future, at least not in our print industry.  Also out of the blue, Ninestar now has 23,000+ employees, we know how big counterfeiting toner has gotten but 23,000+ employees, come on guys stop the BS. This looks like the Chinese government is trying to bolster a dragging print sector and branch out into new ventures, especially since the semiconductor chip sector has ravaged many global industries, mix that in with the China-Taiwan issue, the US-China trade dispute, and the Russia-Ukraine war, and you have all kinds of consolidations and ideas going on.

    Lexmark Logo Vector - Logo Lexmark Transparent PNG - 987x253 - Free Download on NicePNG
    What is Lexmark anyway, a MPS company, an AI company a retail print company? Whatever they have become they cannot distance themselves far enough from the being state owned by the Chinese Government. The executive staff that runs Lexmark probably and constantly must answer for this, and that cannot be an easy thing to do, especially when some US state and local voting machines are directly linked to their Lexmark printers. There have been countless articles about Spyware and Security Vulnerabilities linking Lexmark to the Chinese Gov., and they are not going away anytime soon.

    U.S. Pentagon Warning: States STILL Ignoring China Cyber Threats from Lexmark.

    Lexmark: “Connections to Chinese Military, Nuclear, and Cyberespionage Programs.

    It would be nice if Lexmark was US owned again, that would probably deviate from these constant obstructions. We are thinking that Xerox might make a play for Lexmark, Since Ninestar already makes their clone toners and their printers in Asia. Going forward we expect lots of happy news coming out of Ninestar to help them facilitate a possible Lexmark sale and to branch off into this new automotive chip business venture. But the past is never far away from the future, and knowing what we know about Ninestar’s past, it not going to be easy for them to convince us that they are suddenly honest cats.

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