Telos Opens 5 New TSA PreCheck Sites at Office Depot Stores.

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Date: Wednesday June 26, 2024 04:10:07 pm
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    Telos Corporation Expands
    TSA PreCheck Services to Office Depot Locations Nationwide.

    Telos Corporation, a leader in technology solutions, has launched a strategic initiative to bring TSA PreCheck enrollment services to more accessible locations across the United States. As part of this expansion, Telos has opened five new TSA PreCheck enrollment sites within Office Depot stores, enhancing convenience for travelers seeking expedited security screening.

    The decision to partner with Office Depot underscores Telos’ commitment to increasing accessibility and convenience for travelers interested in TSA PreCheck. These new enrollment centers are strategically located to serve a broader demographic, making it easier for individuals to complete their TSA PreCheck application process without needing to visit a dedicated enrollment center.

    “Telos is thrilled to partner with Office Depot to expand our TSA PreCheck enrollment footprint,” said [Spokesperson’s Name], [Job Title] at Telos Corporation. “By opening these new sites, we’re bringing TSA PreCheck services closer to where people work and live, streamlining the process for travelers to enjoy expedited screening at airports nationwide.”

    The TSA PreCheck program offers travelers expedited security screening benefits, including shorter wait times and reduced hassle at airports. Enrollment in TSA PreCheck requires applicants to complete a brief in-person appointment to verify identification and provide biographical information. The process typically takes just a few minutes, after which approved travelers can enjoy up to five years of expedited security screening.

    With these new locations, Telos aims to make TSA PreCheck more accessible and convenient for a wider audience. The Office Depot partnership aligns with Telos’ mission to enhance customer experience and streamline processes through innovative solutions.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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