Will Apologize To China Toner-Cloners When Trump Apologizes to China for Covid-19!

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Date: Wednesday July 29, 2020 12:59:04 pm
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    Keymaster Will Apologize To China Toner-Cloners When Trump Apologizes to China for Covid-19!

    Everyone loves David Gibbons of China’s RT Media including us at, he’s and important person to the industry and deserve lots of respect and he definitely has ours, unfortunately he cannot exercise his free speech in China but we appreciate his effort to do so through

    David at RT Media has again called out and wants us to apologize to well know Chinese Toner-Cloners and even to President Trump?
    American Media Spreads More Fake China Industry News.

    David did not name in this latest article but he did send me the article personally, so here we are and where do we start? first of all President Trump does follow on Twitter since we see him and all his tweets but does he read our news? we are not sure due to his popularity on Twitter and his 82 Million followers? however in our industry there are issues between Ninestar, Apex, Dinglong, Chipjet and Hp, something that we don’t make up and is well known to the industry. does not make up stories about firmware and printers and technology we are only the messenger in most cases, we do give our opinions from time to time and it does stir the pot and that’s what we are known to do at since many of our readers enjoy and agree with our views, especially all our advertisers and our many fans around the globe.

    China is getting a bad-wrap these days around the world and we all know for what, the Corona Virus and it’s detention of 1 million Muslim people in concentration camps. In our industry there are countless stories about China’s toner-cloner industry that go back a decade and you are all welcome to look up these article trough’s search button, stories about counterfeiting, cloning, stealing technology, espionage, etc, etc, and not just in our industry but in many other industries. When we wrote the article “Is President Trump Reading on Twitter?” it was basically a sum up of many, many event that have accumulated over many, many years, again this is well known to the industry and we have countless industry professionals that can back up all our claims, but this is clearly a matter of opinion and Free speech and we are grateful to live in a country where we can express our views and opinions and even get some slack for it from time to time.
    Freedom of Speech – Some Principles

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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