Did Hp, Canon And Tonernews.com Save The Reman Toner Industry?.

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Date: Monday November 26, 2018 11:31:46 am
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    Did Hp, Canon And Tonernews.com
    Save The Reman Toner Industry?.

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    On December 2017 the staff of Tonernews.com decided that we had enough of this fake Chinese Toner industry and that it was also a crossing point in the history of the industry, we where either going to fight to win it back or loose the industry as a whole to the Chinese. With the help of many friends and businesses from all around the world we started to expose this industry for what it is. We uncovered constant corruption and that many of these so called Chinese toner manufacturers were also all backed by the actual Chinese Government. We also uncovered that it's all coming from the Shenzhen Guangdong region of China that is also the counterfeit capitol of the world for many other brands and products as well.
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    Our process in exposing this industry in early 2017 was slow and painful around the world for many businesses that sold empty toners for recycling and remanufacturing along with dealers and distributors that sold OEM toner goods. Nevertheless we started to write many articles explaining the challenges that the industry was going through and as we exposed more and more, little that we knew some big players like Hp, Canon and Epson where listening and closely watching news and events in order to figure out a strategy to combat this fake Chinese industry.
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    Canon And Hp To The Rescue.
    On February 28th 2018, Tonernews.com was privy to the news from affiliates that work with Canon Inc. of a major industry lawsuit, that took on every distributor and dealers of Chinese Clone Toners in the U.S., this lawsuit was monumental and since then the Chinese have been on the run and closing shop on every corner of the world. Canon Inc. who owns all the patents for every toner that Hp sells around the world has been doing a fantastic jobs in exposing Chinese Clone toner resellers and dealers all over the Amazon.com platform as well in Europe lately, and much more is to come from them from what we understand. there are still many businesses that sell counterfeit/cloned toner around the world with no emphasis on recycling the empty toners since Chinese clone toners cannot be recycled due to cheap and toxic plastic that is used to manufacture these inferior products. Whether the reman-toner industry was saved remains to be seen?, but things are looking good at least in the U.S. for the industry thank's to Hp, Canon and Tonernews.com.

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    Contact us now for more info at Tonernews@gmail.com and thank you for your time and support.

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