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Date: Monday November 2, 2015 02:28:06 pm
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    The Reman Toner Revolution!
    The History Of And How It helped Change An Industry.
    By J.Ladd And H.Milner

    After getting out of college in the early 1980's i found myself in the need of work to supplement my music career, i ended working in a toner phoner boiler room as a shipping clerk while aspiring to play my guitar on the world famous Sunset strip in Los Angeles Calif, it was the 80's and in the 80's the was really just 3 types of people, old fuddy dud-dies that never let you do anything, Disco'ers or Rockers, for me if was a pretty simple choice but a Toner careers was the furthest thing from my mind, i would never guessed that 35 years later i would still be pitching toner.


    Toner Phoner Boiler Rooms in the 80's
    As i found myself working as a cold caller and as a shipping clerk from one toner room to another over that decade, i noticed that i was not very good at being a "Toner phoner" and yes i had a conscious and pitching toner was a totally boring subject that always bothered me since it was not completely legal and waking up everyday super earlier (5am) to call businesses on the east coast really did always work with my Rock-N-Roll habits from the nights before, but looking back it was still a great time to be growing up in Los Angeles and to meet so many wonderful artistic people that are still my friends to this day, keep in mind that in the 80's there where many types of boiler rooms in the US not just toner boiler rooms, there was rooms that sold imprinted pens and markers and coffee mugs, T-shirts etc, etc,  Boiler Rooms enabled many artist, thousands all over the U.S. to work in the morning and create their art for the rest of the day, there was actor's, writers, musician's, comedian's all kinds of people that aspired to be great in their arts and these type of boiler rooms where the way to go in the 80's they provided income and time for your artistic side.

    as i was working in these Toner Boiler Rooms as a shipping clerk i learned all about toner, in the early 80's there was basically only 3 copier brands, Xerox, 3M and Scm, its was not until 1984 that the Japanese brands like Canon, Toshiba, Savin and others came into the picture, i remember very well the Savin 770 TD pack it was one of the first liquid toner available to businesses, those savin TD packs weight around 40lbs and where super toxic, you could just smell them a mile away and god forbid that they leaked when shipping, but beside the Savin TD packs most of these OEM brand toner's where basically a bottle filled with ink, and for the record OEM's sold new toner's to these boiler rooms as well, i remember it very clearly that the rep's would come in a shake your hand and asked to talk to the buyers for that boiler room, let's face it in the 80's you couldn't give toner away to anyone or any business so these toner boiler rooms found a way to sell it to the public and the OEM's went along with it with arms wide open, its wasn't until the late 90's that these toner boiler rooms started to shut down, some stayed in business but for the most part it was pretty much over for them by the end of the 90's.