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Experts Say Xerox’s Handling of Potential New CEO is Critical to the Company’s Future.

HP NEW Class Action Alleges All-in-One Printers do not Function as Advertised when Ink is Low, Empty.

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Counterfeit Chips Now a Big Problem as Global Shortages Increase Risk of Fraud.

Europe Makes Bold Recycling Pledge, Wants to Recycle 76% of all Paper Consumed by 2030.

John Visentin, Vice Chairman and CEO of Xerox, Passes Away.

Why Xerox Should Partner With U.S. Laser Toner Remanufacturers for Their ‘Everyday Toner Line’ Instead of China.

Two things Xerox should do right now to strengthen their market position which would also […]

HP Shakes Off Most Claims Alleging Deceptive Pricing, for Now.

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‘Made in China, Sold on Amazon’ Community Faces Gloomy Future Amid …..

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Clover Imaging Gives Dealer’s Toner Chip Options, Real OEM Chips or ….

Click Photo to Download the Clover Imaging Toner Chip Option List 06 26 2022. Clover […]

How Ricoh Helped the State of Colorado to Transition from Toner to Inkjet.

China’s HYB Releases Non-OEM-Authorized Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6860i/6870i Toner.

Business Technology Solutions Acquires Toshiba and Kyocera Dealer, VanDyke Inc.

How a Xerox Employee Became a Super Star Drag Queen.

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Toshiba Shares Up as Buyers Prepare to Shell Out $22B.

How New OEM Toner Technology is Designed with Sustainability in Mind ….

How Liberty Laser Solutions is Upholding American Values.

In an ever-changing industry, Liberty Laser Solutions has stayed true to its core mission: Providing […]

Real Toner Recycling: USA’s Environmental Office Solutions Upgrades to Latest R2v3 Standard.

Google Russia Files For Bankruptcy After Russia Freezes Bank Account.

Get the Power of Sustainability with Clover, New Toner Study to Rock the Industry!

Blackford Capital Bails Out and Sells Another Asset in Michigan.

Fujifilm Hosts Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony. Exec Says, 2 Plants May Not be Enough!!!

Ricoh UK Encourages Inclusion for its LGBTQ+ Employees.

Epson Celebrates 80 Years by Opening Museum in Japan.

Snagajob.com: Toshiba America is Looking For a Toner Manufacturing Systems Operator in South Dakota.

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Epson Sues China’s Dongguan Ocbestjet Digital Tech Co.,For Cloning and Counterfeiting Ink Cartridge, Ink Bottles and Chips. (See the 59 Page Lawsuit)


Oracle Wins $54 Million From HP in Copyright Verdict.

Former Xerox Employees Plead Guilty to Bribery and Extortion Scheme.

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How Long Will the Paper Shortages Last, and What are You Going to Do About it?

How Blackford Capitol Pillaged and Lost its Mojo in the Aftermarket Toner Industry.

AMERICAN GREED! Blackford Capitol came into the industry with a pocket full of cash and […]

CWG International, Inc. Acquires International Toner Company, Supplies Wholesalers, and Cartridge World USA from Blackford Capital.

Click photos to download press release from CWG International. CWG International, Inc. Acquires International Toner […]

USITC Extends Investigation Vs. Chinese Toner Cloners until July 20, 2022.

Click photo to download latest from USITC! USITC Extends investigation Vs. Chinese toner Cloners until […]

Amazon Calls Cops, Fires Workers in Attempts to Stop Unionization Nationwide.

$150 Billion Opportunity: U.S. SBA Just Changed the Rules for Businesses and Most People Didn’t Even Notice ….

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Ricoh Shows Off SCARA Robots that Manufactures Color Toner Cartridges in Europe.

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New York to Get First Right-to-Repair Law for Electronics.

HP Pilots Paper Delivery Service for Instant Ink Subscribers.

Amazon Holds Bad Actors Accountable, Protects Customers and Brands from Counterfeit.

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Planet Ark Toner Recycler: NEW Positive Headlines from Around the World

HP Unveils Sustainability Impact Report.

HP has unveiled HP Sustainability Impact report 2021 that highlights HP’s commitment to creating the […]

China’s Alibaba Sued in the U.S. Over Man’s Death From Fire Caused by Printer.

Alibaba sued in US over man’s death from fire caused by printer Calvin Yu bought […]

Viewing 40 topics - 41 through 80 (of 1,770 total)